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Mercy Hospital

  Cancer Care

Lung Program

To contact us with questions or to make an appointment, please call
763-236-5864 (LUNG).

Lung Nodule Clinic

Wherever and whenever a lung nodule is found, our experts offer the most coordinated and efficient care possible. Follow this link or call 763-236-5864 (LUNG) to learn more.

The Lung Program addresses problems related to lung diseases. We have a unified approach with teams of doctors who coordinate services related to cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and surveillance of lung cancer at Mercy Hospital.

Your care team

Our staff and patient care team includes health care experts and professionals from many specialties. The team collaborates in one convenient location to meet the medical, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients with cancer.

Genetic counselor

Members of your care team also include clinical social workers; physical and occupational therapists; respiratory therapists; cancer support services; emotional counseling resources and access to a clinical nurse researcher through our strategic partnership with Minnesota Oncology.

Advanced technology

Less invasive ultrasound procedure

At Mercy Hospital, a new same-day surgery technique allows physicians to view regions of the lungs and surrounding chest area to quickly diagnose lung problems or determine whether lung cancer is present.

Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) is one of the most current methods for lung cancer detection and is used by doctors at Mercy. EBUS allows a doctor to see inside the lungs and airways. While looking at a live ultrasound image, the doctor can pass a scope through the mouth or nose and windpipe to precisely enter the lungs and take a biopsy.

The use of the daVinci® Surgical System - a robotic surgery system - at Mercy provides surgeons and patients with an option that can be a more effective and less invasive treatment for lung cancer or other conditions of the lung that require surgery.

One of the newest forms of radiation treatment at Mercy is stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) or stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) for lung cancer (high dose/short course). This form of treatment delivers high doses of radiation to a very targeted area. This level of precision enables surrounding healthy tissue to be spared.